Death By White Chocolate Covered Oreos

My grandma sent me and Eric a Christmas goody package today. It was chock full-0 cookies, homemade and store-bought.

These are my favorite store-bought cookies ever.

I looked at the box and saw there was 100 calories per cookie today, 18% saturated fat.

I've already had 3 cookies tonight.

And I think I'll eat (at least) one more.

Merry Christmas my (as of now) 34 inch ghetto booty. You will be missed.


  1. Grandma has been sending us those cookies since I can remember. I love them too!

    Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas, tell Eric and the family hi from us.

    Love you cuz,
    (Isabella & Lily are wanting you two to come up and visit us, they talk about you often.)

  2. ooh Im going to go buy some of those today... haha.


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