The Joys of Motherhood, Pt 1

I'm giving myself the major side-eye with the slightly over-the-top dramatic posts. Time to lighten things up around here. I really do love being a mother, y'all. (You can blame Tami Taylor for any Texan jargon I use. Also, best ending to a series ever??)

I am one proud mama. Every little thing that my baby boo learns, I am over-the-moon excited (!) The day she learned to push herself up on her arms while on her belly, I was enthralled. The day she rolled over? I spent hours trying to re-capture it on video (and was successful for all my crazy). Real belly laughs lead to ridiculous stunts (jumping, clapping, dancing, funny faces) to keep the giggles going.

And last week, after months and months of trying to teach her to clap her hands, she finally figured it out! Strict protocol that follows her new tricks: Yell at E to "get over here and watch!" Get the camera & take 50+ pictures! Get a video! Send immediately to grandma & grandpa, aunties & friends via text! Post to instagram & twitter! Re-watch video again and again! Rinse & repeat for each tiny (BIG IN MY EYES) milestone.

I should be embarrassed by the amount of pictures/videos I have taken since Isla was born. I have a slight obsession with taking the perfect picture (don't even get E started... although he probably needs to vent about time spent creating my masterpieces). But I can't help it. This little girl is the cutest thing I have ever seen and I am constantly fascinated/in awe that she is the creation of E + me.

New trick #1: Giving mama kisses which usually involves missing the mouth and eating my nose. She also enjoys leaning in for a forehead kiss. As of now, she only gives kisses to me and sometimes E gets jealous. But since her only word right now is "Dada", I don't feel bad at all. (Sidebar: WHEN WILL SHE SAY MAMA?? We've been practicing this every. day. for over SIX months!! She just smiles and laughs when I say "mama" to her. Now she's just taunting me on purpose.)

New Trick #2: Giving high-fives. She doesn't understand to just give one, so it ends up being a rapid succession of claps on the hand. And if she does this, know she expects you to give her undying praise & attention after each set of claps, high-fiver beware.

New Trick #3: Throwing tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants RIGHT THIS SECOND. Ok, I did not teach her this one. But it is a new stage she's entered into within the past week. Step out of the room to grab the laundry? Tantrum. Set her down to make something to eat? Tantrum. Put her down (not like a cat, Carol!) for bed at night? Tantrum. This little babe has perfected the art of throwing a fit. My mom thinks this one is just so hilarious. (Who, me?! Throw a fit in elementary/middle/high school?? Never!!)

The number one cause of these newly learned tantrums is food. She morphs into this Swamp-like-Thing who thinks she can eat anything and everything. Baby Monster, thy name is Isla.

 If I'm not sharing, she's right there shrieking in protest. I'll admit to saving a treat or two (or three or four) for her nap times specifically so I don't have to share. Selfish? Yes. But it's definitely ONLY for her health to not give her any of that chocolate doughnut or double-stuffed Oreo. (Is there any other kind??)

New Trick #4: Shaking her booty. This new dance routine might make me the most excited! She's always been slightly ahead of her peers in the moving/crawling department and I've chalked that up to an extremely talented athletic baby-daddy. But when she started shaking her rump to Violet the Dog last week... well I just about fell over in excitement as I ran around for my iPhone and video camera to capture the moment. Nothing makes me prouder than to see the little miss enjoy dancing as much as I do. This has lead to daily dance parties in the afternoon to the tune of John Legend, Lupe Fiasco, Peter Bjorn & John, TLC (teaching her about scrubs already), Foster the People, Beyonce, and Sia. (LOVE SIA).

Isla's first dance party: Please ignore my incredibly annoying commentary. Actually, lower the volume for your own safety. This is how I get when Isla does something new. (Shamed. As a broadcast journalism graduate, I should know how to use my voice better.)


How can you see this face and not want to kiss it, cuddle it, nuzzle it??
Isla was sick this past week with a viral infection. Apparently it's normal for babies to run fevers higher than adults, so that meant two nights staying up with a babe that was burning at 104 (still freaked me out to see that on the thermometer).

Cool washcloths and mama's cuddles/songs were the only thing that helped. I actually love getting up with my sick baby girl in the middle of the night and making her feel better. It's a strangely empowering/ exhilarating feeling to know that I am her mother and I am the only one that makes her feel better when she's not feeling good. She just wanted mama at 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 in the morning. #soblessed

Combine four nights of staying up on top of SIX new teeth coming in (that's got to be some kind of teething record, right??), and it's been an incredibly long week. But thanks to amazing E and the movie Elf,  these cinnamon rolls and this TV show, we have survived another one unscathed.
Best frosting recipe that's light and yummy: Powdered sugar, a little milk, a tiny bit of vanilla extract. SO GOOD. These did not last long.

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  2. Just wanted to let you know how much i'm appreciating your posts right now- Clara is a week old and i'm in the middle of the crazy emotional postpartum state, which totally caught me off guard. good to know its normal and love your suggestions for getting through!

    1. Jessie- what you are going through is SO normal!! I hope you are able to feel better soon. Those first few weeks can be rough! It gets easier when baby starts sleeping more :)

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  6. Thats is the joy of a mother. Every smile, every new developement and every new words. And it is just the beginnings. Good luck to mothethood and Thanks for visiting my site.

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