Belly Diaries, Week 10: There's an Alien In My Belly

Baby/Alien #2

Irony keeps life interesting. Isn't it ironic that when I wrote this, I was mere weeks away from accidentally conceiving #2?

Just when we had settled into a nice routine.

Just when the weather was nice enough for walks and park dates and picnics.

Just when I had the energy to keep up with my always-energetic baby, I was hit with exhaustion, and I did not know why. Usually I like to get things done around the house when Isla sleeps, but when she napped, I napped. When E came home from work, I napped. I napped before church and after church. I slept almost all day long. What was WRONG with me?

I had already taken a pregnancy test, of course. I was so afraid of getting pregnant too soon that I stocked up on tests back in January. Every time I was even a day late, I took a test. My body was still regulating itself from my last pregnancy. Negative every time, to the relief of my paranoid self.

Saturday, May 12, 2012: I woke up wide awake at 7:30 a.m. I was a day late. This was it. I knew something wasn't right. I jumped out of bed and went to take another pregnancy test. But I still didn't think I was pregnant. I didn't have any extreme headaches like last time, so how could I be??

Less than 30 seconds into the test, two dark lines appeared. I. was. shocked. So many thoughts rushed through my head:

1. I'm pregnant!! I'm pregnant!! We're going to have another baby!! I'm so excited!!

2. NOOO!! I JUST FIT INTO MY {extra-skinny} SKINNY JEANS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN TWO YEARS!! (Be so sad for me. /sarcasm)

3. Wait, wasn't it supped to take me a long time to get pregnant like last time??? How can anyone have an accident baby??

4. *Silently counted from Isla's one year birthday to my potential due date*... NO!! Isla will only be 18 months!! This baby is coming a year too early!! TWO UNDER TWO. I'M HAVING TWO UNDER TWO. I'M A CRAZY PERSON!!!! (Oh, that whole meltdown in my head is a complete other post to come soon.)

5. I'm pregnant!! I'm pregnant!! We're going to have another baby!! I'm so excited!!

And with this thought and I ran and woke Eric up and told him the news. He was shocked, happy, surprised, ecstatic. We sat in bed talking for about five minutes before I burst into tears.

I had this rush of emotions where I felt SO guilty for being pregnant. I was still recovering in physical therapy from my last pregnancy. I really wanted more one-on-one time with Isla and there was now a strict deadline on that special time. I didn't want Isla to have to deal with me pregnant, but too late. I was already an exhausted, nauseated mess.

I've neglected this blog and my cleaning duties at home as I've battled with the worst morning and night sickness I've ever had. It hit full force around five weeks and I THINK hit its peak at week nine, when I couldn't keep anything down. I hope I'm on the downward spiral, because while I'm still constantly nauseated, I can keep bland food and water down for the most part. The thought of taking Zofran makes me gag, so that's not an option. It only worked for a few weeks last pregnancy anyway.

I've been anti-social on this blog AND facebook AND pinning maternity clothes like crazy and I thought for sure someone would call me out on it. Anti-social Tracie = Pregnant Tracie. I even toyed with the idea of waiting to announce it 'til we found out the gender in August, but I took the plunge yesterday, and here we are (Oh, remember when I was going to do this? I'm so funny and ambitious when I'm not pregnant):

The Belly Diaries: Week 10 


How far along: 10 weeks, 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: Down 5 lbs (Is this annoying to report on? I can't decide...)
Exercise Habits: Ha! Non-existent right now. Just walking up my stairs makes me dizzy. Not being able to keep down much water= dizzy & dehydrated. Please let this pass soon so I can get back to swimming & yoga & cycling class.
Sleeping?: LOVE SLEEP. But can't shut my brain off til about 1 a.m.
Best Moment This Week: Seeing my baby girl turn one and realize I get to do this again with a new baby.
Isla's Reactions: I pat my belly and tell her there's a baby in there. She just laughs and tries to pummel my stomach with her tiny hands. Not sure if good sign or bad sign.
Have you told family & Friends?: Family has known since the week I found out, I've told friends slowly, and just officially announced it yesterday (FB Official= it's really happening, I guess?)
Miss anything?: SUSHI!!! Sushi sushi sushi sushi. And I miss exercising, sometimes.
Movement: Nothing, unless you count my nightly stomach-emptying sessions. Good ab work out! Wait, does that count as my exercise for the day??
Food Cravings: Cheese & grapes & apricots & fudgesicles & tuna sandwiches on white bread
Food Aversions: Chocolate donuts. Quelle horreur!!! Who AM I?? Also, bananas and the smell of mayo. GAG. I can hardly even type it.
Showing yet?: I can't tell if it's a baby belly or bloating, so yes/no?
Gender Prediction: We both think it's a girl. Everyone we know thinks it's a boy.
Labor signs: NO

Moods: Always on the verge of crying over sappy things I see on TV/internet. High anxiety levels. Low energy.
Looking Forward To: Second trimester energy spurt!!!

*blog is undergoing a complete face-lift within the next week, so please bear with me



    1. Ah, it's so nice to hear success stories!! Mine will be two grades apart, so I hope that helps them get along more. Thanks for stoppin g by!!

  2. Ah Tracie! I'm so happy for you! This is so exciting!

    1. Thanks girl! I am SO NERVOUS! But it's exciting at the same time. I guess I have a while to get used to it.

  3. Congrats! That's so exciting! That family picture you posted is beautiful, the coloring is amazing!

    1. Thanks! My friend took them and I edited them! I am obsessed with photography, so I'm glad you like them :)

  4. Congratulations! Mine are 19 months apart. I felt a lot of the same things you felt. Right before my due date I put Landon to bed and just cried. I felt horrible that his world was going to flip upside down and he would have no idea why. It works out though. And it was going to happen at some point. Now, I'm glad they are so close together. I'm fairly certain he doesn't remember what life was like without her so I feel like his transition was easier. He was really jealous for a long time, but the last few weeks he's been so sweet and helpful with Grace. I can't wait to have another! I hope you feel better.

    1. Oh Leslie, I am so glad you wrote this. You seem to be doing great with two, so you give me hope!!

  5. Congratulations!!!! THat's so so so exciting pretty lady! :)

    1. Thanks! Excited, scared, nervous, but mostly excited here.

  6. What a great looking family! This post was so funny! I can totally feel you on the skinny jeans thing, haha! Congrats on your new addition!

  7. Congrats!! You have such a beautiful family!!

  8. Congratulations! Gorgeous photos! Lovely to find your blog.

  9. Congratulations on the new addition :) I was like you the second time around only mine are 7 years apart and I still had those feelings lol.
    Thanks for visiting, returning the favor :)

  10. congrats!!! My first 2 kids were less than 12 1/2 months apart. good luck!!

  11. Congratulations!!

    Lucas and Adam are 20 months apart and it's been great. I like it better than the 27 months between Lynne and Lucas. Lucas and I spent a lot of cuddle time on the couch because the pregnancy completely zapped me of any energy at all. And he still fits on the side that isn't holding Adam.

    I will add that I LOVE the 3.75 years between Lynne and Adam, but I wouldn't like such a huge gap without another baby in between. :-)

  12. Beautiful pictures! Conratulations! It is nice to be closer in age. Have a great weekend!

    Mama Hen

  13. Beautiful photos and a great blog post! You might want to get hubby on board to help you schedule one-on-one time with Isla after the baby is born. My first two kids were 18 months apart. It wasn't easy, but they are so beautiful/handsome today and are well-adjusted teenagers that whatever stress and strain the three of us endured while their dad was at work didn't ruin their future. (My 2nd born had colic for more than a year of her life and so I hardly had quality time for her older brother.)

    Thanks for visiting my blog 1camera1mom!

    Tina - mom of 4, author and blogger of 5 blogs

  14. Congratulations! You already have such a beautiful family. I'm sure baby #2 will be just as beautiful.

    I had the same reaction when I found out I was pregnant. You go through so many emotions in the first 10 seconds! It's crazy. I hope this pregnancy goes well for you and I can't wait to read about your updates!

  15. Congratulations!! 2 under 2 isn't the horror it's made out to be. It's tough but you're kind of still in baby mode so it's not as bad as if you had a perfectly functioning no longer tantruming (yes, I made that word up) 5 year old and had to get back into baby mode. You're doing awesome with baby #1, so you will be fine. : )

  16. Congrats pretty girl! I have been out of town and just saw your news! First trimester is no fun! I will be happy for you when you hit 14 weeks! Ha


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