Tutorial: Make Your Own Hunger Games T-Shirt

I'm not too proud to admit I'm freakishly infatuated I might kind of like The Hunger Games. I wanted to channel my extreme obsession slight fascination into some creative works of art.

I couldn't find any HG t-shirt online that I liked enough to shell out $25 for, so I decided to make my own. With a little help from Photoshop, my printer and an iron, I made my foray into fangirl merchandise. 

Behold the beauty: 

Here is what you need to make this exact t-shirt:

1. A light-colored t-shirt (white will probably work best)
2. Iron-on printer paper (I used Avery Light Fabric Transfers)
3. This image file
3. Printer software that will print mirror images (I used the free Avery online software)
4. An iron & board.

How to Make your Own Hunger Games T- Shirt:

1. Download this file. (Click on the link ---> File at the top left-hand side of the page ---> Download ---> Save somewhere to your computer.)

2. Go to Avery.com ---> Templates and Software Tab ---> Design & Print Online. Enter Product Number 3271. Upload picture to template and size to page.

3. Print image onto Iron-on printer paper (it should automatically print out as a mirror image. Check print preview to be sure).

4. Cut words out & place on t-shirt in the right order ("May the Odds be EVER in your favor". Simple but important... I messed up Hartley's guinea pig shirt which reads: May the Be Odds EVER in your favor").

5. Iron the paper onto the t-shirt (3 minutes for each strip)

6. Let shirt cool and peel off backing.

Now you can look like this:

Let me know if this works or if you have any questions! Post a link to a picture if you actually end up making this.

I leave you with this trailer that still gives me goosebumps:


Mother of the Year

~These are my confessions~

I've decided to start writing on my blog more often. In the past year, I've averaged one post every three months. My old blog (Un-Wedded Bliss) averaged 5 posts a WEEK! I don't know why I don't get on and write anymore, but my writing skills are definitely suffering because of it, and my journal-writing isn't helping at all. I figure this is good practice for my future applications for grad school. I solemnly swear to never over-share and end up here.

The older Isla gets, the more I enjoy being a mom. That's not to say we don't have our bad days. But the good days outnumber the bad days so I can now (most of the time) smile without faking it when someone asks me if I love being a stay at home mom. (If only I had an activity outside the house that stimulated my mind & enlarged my intellect... but that is for another post...)

E and I have always been super paranoid about SIDS. This came about when I would read horror story after horror story while I was pregnant and recount them with great detail to E, who was just as alarmed as I was. Therefore, Isla did not have cute but unnecessary & dangerous bumpers in her crib. She did not sleep on her tummy. She only had one light blanket with her in her bassinet. The first few months of her life, I would get up several times an hour at night to make sure she was still sleeping. I don't remember ever reading anything about irregular breathing in infants but apparently it's normal for them to breathe for a few seconds and then stop for up to 7-10 seconds! So when you double-check to see if your baby is sleeping and you put your hand on their tummy, and they don't make any breathing movements for 10 years 10 seconds, it causes heart-stopping moments of fear. As the tired-voiced on-call doctor assured me at two in the morning, it takes a while for infants to have a steady rhythm while breathing. No wonder I had so much of this. I know I won't ever win any "Mother of the Year" awards with all the worrying I do. Of course, there are other moments that take me completely out of the running.

Isla slept in a bassinet next to my side of the bed for the first 12 weeks. Early one morning, I woke up to a baby coughing and kicking. I look over and saw that I had knocked my pillow flat onto Isla's little body. I yanked the pillow off and put my hand on her chest, unbeknownst to me, right when she stopped breathing for those long 7-10 seconds. HEART. DROPPED. TO STOMACH. "She's not breathing!!" I yelled to Eric. He stumbled out of bed and ran over to the baby. She was fine. She never stopped breathing. But I have never felt so much guilt or horror when I thought that I had caused her harm. I broke down in tears when I called my mom that morning. That horrible guilty feeling stayed with me for a long time. It was an easy solution however- we moved Isla to the far side of the room and got rid of all the extra pillows on our bed.

Now that she's nine months, I figure we're almost in the clear for SIDS. I finally let her sleep on her tummy. I put blankets on her when it's cold. But with the end of SIDS comes another thing to worry about-- choking. I always make sure all of Isla's food is small enough for her to swallow. When we started feeding her solids back in December, it was all pureed food. When we moved onto finger foods, I was so nervous she wouldn't chew it right, that I would pre-chew her food before I gave it to her. That's right... penguin mama here and proud of it {UPDATE BELOW!!!}. Isla had a bad habit of forgetting to chew before she swallowed when she ate too fast which resulted in several seconds several times where I thought she was choking. Anything to keep me from having to actually use this after practicing for hours during my lifeguarding summers. Of course Isla would find a way to stop my heart from fear again.

This is the girl that mastered stair climbing in our home within a day. The baby who can squeeze her body into the smallest spaces and get past the daily living room barrier I set up. The girl who can uncannily zero in on the one area of any room that has the biggest potential for danger. The eagle-eyed girl who found the one rock from outside on our carpet and managed to get it in her mouth without me finding out for a whole minute. The baby that can stand up at the back of a chair and use her muscles to pull it up and over on top of her (oops... that was a recent discovery).

Our family went to sweet Baby Jane's blessing and luncheon afterwards. Isla was playing outside on a quilt while Britt and I watched her. She was just crawling around, trying to eat the grass and leaves she's just discovered she loves. I picked her up after she knocked over a cup of water and noticed she was drooling a lot. I passed her to Brittany because I didn't want it on me and I wanted to take advantage of Brittany's baby hunger and apparent lack of aversion to baby drool. I peered down at Isla and saw she was kind of chewing on something. I saw something shiny... I swiped my finger in her mouth... and pull out this CTR ring. HEART. STOPPED. I had no clue it was on the supposedly clean & clear blanket. I still get chills thinking about what could have happened if she had swallowed that. I have a bad feeling this is karma from when I was three years old, blatantly defied my mom and swallowed that penny I found while she was across the family room telling me not to do it. I managed to choke it down and was able to breathe again, but I remember my mom grabbing me while rushing to call 911 as I struggled to breathe. If Isla is this much trouble, I shudder at the thought of any future sons. E's parents tell me enough horror stories of E as a kid to know that me (and my house) will barely weather any Snowder sons.

So we survived last week virtually unscathed. All I can do is just take it one day at a time... and go over every surface in my home (and anywhere else!!) with a fine-tooth comb.

Will the worrying ever go away?? Or will I just move from one scary stage to the next?? Is this just scratching the surface of the anxiety-filled years to come?? Will my twice-daily yoga sessions help alleviate my stress??

I fear it's just beginning. Bring on the Diet Coke and Alprazolam.

(UPDATE: Blerg. Of course this article comes out less than two days after I confess to this crazy mama habit. I never fed her like this, I swear! I at least put it on a spoon before I put it in her mouth. DON'T JUDGE ME.)